[CURRENT] 高木 真希人
Makito Takagi「MASS STACK」




高木 真希人「MASS STACK」

2021年10月2日(土) - 10月30日(土) 13:00-19:00
休廊:日曜、月曜 Closed on Sun, Mon
会場:FARO Kagurazaka  162-0828 東京都新宿区袋町5-1 FARO神楽坂1F[Google MAP







この度FARO Kagurazakaでは、10月2日(土)より高木真希人「MASS STACK」を開催します。




We are pleased to announce the opening of "MASS STACK" by Makito Takagi on Saturday, October 2nd at FARO Kagurazaka.

Makito Takagi is an up-and-coming young artist who has been showing his works at galleries etc. in Japan and abroad since graduating from Tama Art University, majoring in oil painting. In recent years, he has been participating in an increasing number of exhibitions overseas, and this year, after completing a group exhibition in London in May, he is preparing to participate in an exhibition in Paris in October. He has also worked on the main visual for Japanese rock band QURULI’s 25th anniversary pop-up store, provided artwork for the photo book produced for UNITED ARROWS’ 30th anniversary, collaborated with NIKE, and provided artwork for magazines.

Takagi paints images that remind us of deep psychology and other worlds that we do not usually stare at, with his steady brush strokes. He has been showing mainly works depicting creatures drawn as if they were accidentally photographed by a camera using a flash in the dark, but since a few years ago, he has also been ambitiously showing a series that incorporates attempts to change the light and the way the motifs are painted, and in this exhibition, in addition to the newly announced "Stuck Series," he will show new works from his previous series.

The "Stack Series," which will be newly presented in this exhibition, is a series of works that depict stacked boxes, cans, metals, and machines that have been transformed into characters. These motifs are placed and painted in nature or indoors, which is nothing but the composition of "landscape + still life (or portrait)" that Takagi has been consistently painting. In the "Stuck Series," Takagi takes up contemporary motifs, adds humor, and uses modern painting techniques to create artworks with certainty, an element that can be called the core of his paintings.



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高木 真希人 | Makito Takagi

2010 多摩美術大学絵画学科油画専攻 卒業
~2011 表現集団『オル太 OLTA』在籍

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